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Your Options for Wire Rope Hoists

Today we’re looking at wire rope hoists and in particular your options from EMH.  A few weeks ago we discussed types of crane hoists.

Wire rope hoists will provide you with a long term and reliable solution and EMH’s durable products set the standard in the industry.  Designed and manufactured by our team of experts, EMH wire rope hoists are available in both single and double girder wire rope hoists.

These wire rope hoists are extremely strong, with capacities of from 2 to 50 tons. Our wire rope hoist provides a price to performance ratio that compares favorably with the best the industry has to offer.

Whether you get a wire rope hoist from EMH or someone else, make sure it comes with standard features including two lifting and trolley speeds, two upper and one lower precision limit switches, overload limit, heavy duty wear resistant rope guide, DC rectified brakes, and lifetime lubricated bearings and gear reducers.

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