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Making Sense of Wire Rope Hoist Classifications

When you find yourself in the market for a wire rope hoist/crane hoist there are a lot of things to consider – one of them is the actual classification or capacity.

Wire Rope
Hoist Class
Service Classification Typical Areas of Application
H1 Infrequent or Standby Wire Rope Hoist Use These wire rope hoists are used for powerhouses and utilities that require infrequent handling. In this application, the wire rope hoists are used primarily to install and service heavy equipment.
H2 Light Wire Rope Hoist Use Wire rope hoists with this classification are ideal in light machine shops and in fabricating industries and service and maintenance work, where loads and utilization of the wire rope hoists are random and do not exceed 15% of the working hours.
H3 Standard Wire Rope Hoist Use
Wire rope hoists for general machine shops where the hoists are needed for no more than a quarter (25%) of the working hours. These are for general machine shops, fabricating, assembly, storage, and warehousing.
H4 Heavy Wire Rope Hoist Use Wire rope hoists for high volume handling. This includes wire rope hoist needs in steel warehouses, machine shops, fabricating plants, mills and bundries. Total running time for these wire rope hoists are typically 25-50% of work hours.
H5 Severe Wire Rope Hoist Use Wire rope hoists for the handling of material in combination with buckets, magnets, or other heavy attachments. Duty cycles for these wire rope hoists often approaches continuous operation.

EMH has hundreds of options and we are happy to help you choose the wire rope hoist that is right for your needs.

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