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Engineered Crane Hoists – ExamplesAplicaciones

Some examples of the many custom engineered crane hoists designed and manufactured by EMH, Inc.

130-25-15 Ton Hoist on Gantry

130/25/15 Ton Multiple Trolley Crane Hoist

130 metric ton main crane hoist with 25 metric ton auxiliary on the same trolley. Additional 15 metric ton torsion trolley on bridge.


Dual Trolley Crane Hoist

Double girder Class D 25 ton main crane hoist, 15 ton auxiliary hoist with VFD control.

Explosion Proof Hoist

12 Ton Hazardous Duty Crane Hoist

Double girder stooled-up long lift hoist built for Class 1, Div. 2 6np CED explosion proof use.


45/10 Ton Engineered Crane Hoist

Class E billet handling crane.

Rock Tenn

25 Ton Dual Trolley Crane Hoist for Paper Mill

With secondary hoist brakes and stainless steel control enclosures.


125 Ton Engineered Crane Hoist

JM Steel - Eastern

Engineered Crane Hoist Running Between Girders

Stepped girders provide ultra low headroom.

Eng. Hoist - Monorail2

Monorail Crane Hoist with Swivel Trolley

15 ton, 185 foot lift for blast furnace maintenance.

Gate Rotary

Rotating Hammerhead Crane Hoist

30 ton provides full, 360 degree rotation.


Dual Hook 30 Ton Crane Hoist

Class D crane hoist for handling concrete wall panels.

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