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Picking the Right Overhead Crane Part 2: Your Facility

In part two of our two part series looking at which of the primary categories of overhead cranes is right for you: bridge cranes, gantry cranes, workstation cranes, and jib cranes, we look at your facility and how it fits into your choice. Size matters: How much space do you have – inside or out – to accommodate an overhead crane?  And just because a crane will fit into your space does not mean your choice of overhead crane will operate completely efficiently.  EMH can help examine your space considerations to make the right overhead crane selection. Obstacles: Every facility has them.  That load bearing beam or column in an inopportune spot.  Your overhead space may also be different in different areas, depending on construction.  Don’t use your peak height as the deciding factorUncover all potential obstructions to help with your mounting and installation options. Installation: Hand in hand with obstacles, make sure you make note of runway beams, column supports, and the overall environment where the crane will be installed or assembled. Each type of overhead crane has different installation requirements that EMH will review with you, including your portability needs.  Maintenance and Inspection: EMH will review with you the requirements governing bodies have for maintenance and inspection so that you know your responsibilities before you buy.