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Repeat and Repeat Again – Overhead Cranes for Light Loads

Overhead cranes are not just for lifting the heavy loads.  Often the best use of an overhead crane is an enclosed rail crane.  What exactly is an enclosed rail crane?  EMH offers a lightweight aluminum enclosed rail crane called the AL SYSTEMS™ Aluminum Crane Rail System. This overhead, enclosed rail crane is a great solution for safe, efficient, and economic transport of loads as light as 35 pounds.These aluminum enclosed rail cranes are meant for repetitive lifting of light loads, safely. EMH has developed specific ergonomics of and will apply them to your installation to increase efficiency and reduce injuries. A great feature of enclosed rail crane are their lightweight profile accompanied by T-slots that allow us to provide an overhead crane system that will work with a wide variety of lifters and end effectors.  The different T-slots make it easy to mount multiple types of equipment, enabling creative solutions for your overhead enclosed rail crane (e.g. integrating a chain hoist or smart lifter). With our enclosed rail crane, you’ll see an unlimited number of configurations to fit your needs. These aluminum enclosed rail cranes can be used in manual, semi-automatic, and completely automated systems.