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Double Girder Top Running Overhead CranesDouble Box Girder Top Running Overhead Cranes – Standard

ZLK Series

ZLK Series Double Box Girder Bridge Cranes utilize box girders, and are often used where capacities are over 10 tons and/or long spans are needed.


The advantages of double girder traveling bridge cranes become particularly evident with load capacities over 10 tons, or spans of over 50′. These advantages are:

  • Higher hook lift, since the hook can be pulled up between the main girders.
  • Extremely rigid box girder construction and durable trolley design are well suited for heavy service applications.


Click on the item number for dimensions and specifications. Call EMH for pricing.

ZLK Series

Item # Girder Type Hoist Type Capacity Max. Span
ZLK 1 Box D (Standard) 5 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 2 Box D (Standard) 7.5 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 3 Box D (Standard) 10 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 4 Box D (Standard) 15 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 5 Box D (Standard) 20 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 6 Box D (Standard) 25 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 7 Box D (Standard) 30 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 8 Box D (Standard) 35 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 9 Box D (Standard) 40 Tons 100 ft
ZLK 10 Box D (Standard) 50 Tons 100 ft

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