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When a Gantry Crane Is Your Best Option

A gantry crane is an overhead crane that’s a lot like a bridge crane, except that the bridge of a gantry crane is supported by the gantry crane’s own steel legs. The gantry crane is typically seen as a solution for when overhead runways are not practical or possible. Gantry cranes are also capable of supporting significantly more weight than a similar overhead crane.

EMH provides a complete range of gantry cranes with a variety of configurations Click to see typical gantry crane configurations. Gantry cranes from EMH are available in single girder, double girder, double leg, single leg, and cantilever styles.  And gantry cranes can and are used indoors or outdoors.

But gantry cranes are typically used outside for heavier loads. EMH’s gantry cranes can be customized as we have designed and built many large gantries that include rotating hoists, multiple hoists and enclosed cabs.

Gantry cranes are high strength and easy to operate.

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