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What to Consider When Selecting a Gantry Crane

EMH offers world-class gantry cranes for all of your needs.  But before you select a gantry crane, it is of course helpful to know what to look for in the gantry crane selection process.

Lifting Capacity: Single Girder Gantry or Double Girder Gantry
What are you lifting? Its easy to generalize the ton-age that each type can lift or say the double gantry lifts twice as much, but ascertain what your maximum weight is – now and in the future – and check the specifications.

Span Needed for Your Gantry Crane
Pretty basic – how big is what you are lifting and is there space under the gantry crane you choose to accommodate.

Wheel Tread Needed for Your Gantry Crane
What’s the direction, slope, surface of where your gantry crane will travel dictates the tread you will need.

Gantry Crane Size
Every warehouse and/or space is different – make sure the gantry crane will be the right size for loading and unloading

EMH is happy to sit down with you and review your needs and align them with a gantry crane that’s right for you, whether its from our line or a competitors’.

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