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Using a Jib Crane to Improve Efficiencies

A jib crane is great and flexible for lifting in your plant. Used to support overhead cranes, a jib crane is ideal for frequent movement of smaller loads.

A jib crane can actually travel along a wall, moving to where you need it quickly and easily.  This means the jib crane adopts to your workflow, as opposed to you having to adapt to it.  Jib cranes operate swiftly for an “average: sized load while freeing up your other overhead cranes for more demanding loads.

In essence, consider a jib crane as a supplement to your larger, heavier load, and of course more costly to operate bridge cranes.  The jib crane is like the lower level worker that works effectively for the appropriate job.  You wouldn’t have your CFO put change in money rolls, the jib crane is a flexible and affordable worker for your floor, making sure your bridge crane(s) are used to their maximum capacity.

Consider jib cranes to increase efficiencies  in areas serving several work stations, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, or in machining and assembly areas where multiple jib cranes can be overlapped to provide extensive coverage

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