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Time to Invest In an Overhead Crane?

You have a few cranes in your plant as well as other means to move materials throughout your plant. But is it time to invest in an overhead crane?  Overhead cranes offer great efficiencies and productivity for many applications and manufacturing plants – but before you, there are a few things to consider.

First thing you should ask is whether you NEED the crane.  Whenever we buy technology, we tend to be seduced by the latest and greatest feature, bell, or whistle. But an overhead crane isn’t an iPhone – this purchase should be a grounded and sound decision.  Calculate the time spent within your plant’s processes and the time a crane would shave down.  What about the safety considerations an overhead crane could help with? Often you will find that installing an overhead crane will make your facility safer while enabling you to get rid of other, more costly and dangerous machinery.

The EMH team can help you figure out how an ovehead crane might fit into your facility and help you run through the cost implications of making an overhead crane investment. EMH offers a full line of industry-leading overhead cranes and we would be thrilled to talk to you about how one of our overhead cranes fits your needs.

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