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Aluminum Cranes: the Light Overhead Solution for Your Needs

One great thing about aluminum cranes is their strength in relation to their relative light weight. Aluminum cranes are easier to ship to you and aluminum cranes are easier to move within the same site or from site to site.

EMH’s aluminum cranes are a leader in the aluminum crane category. The EMH AL SYSTEMS™ Aluminum Crane Rail System can safely, efficiently and economically transport all sizes of leads including those as light as 35 lbs.

The aluminum cranes are have a unique T-slot design so as to easily integrate the aluminum crane into a wide variety of lifters and end effectors, and provide an almost unlimited number of configurations.

The precise aluminum crane tolerances of the AL SYSTEMS rail, combined with integrated smooth running trolleys enables manual operation where less advanced systems would require costly motorization.

Our aluminum cranes allow loads to consistently move smoothly – even at the ends of the bridge. EMH AL SYSTEMS™ aluminum cranes components can be used in manual, semi-automatic, and completely automated systems.