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Selecting an Industrial Crane Sling

With six basic types of industrial Crane Slings classified by the Society of Mechanical Engineers, Sling Safety Standard, B30.9, selecting the right crane sling can be daunting. To review, there are:
  • Chain Slings
  • Metal Mesh Slings
  • Synthetic Rope Slings
  • Roundslings
  • Web Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
Each and every sling has its pluses and minuses, let’;s examine a few:
  1. Synthetic crane slings are more likely to be damaged by heat while metal slings (chain, wire rope and metal mesh) are more durable and heat resistant.
  2. Your load requirements are critical – check and double check the specifications of your chain sling, then consult with your EMH rep to be sure.
  3. Chain slings are your flexible alternative as you can adjust the length of the sling.
  4. Inspection can be more difficult with metal crane slings versus their synthetic counterpart.
  5. Consider the sling angle of the lift.  Does the sling length result in a large or small angle of lift?
  6. Measure your crane sling’s center of gravity to ensure safe operation.
  7. What kind of protection will your sling need given the conditions of the work area?
No matter the sling you choose – and your requirements – it requires foresight and planning – we recommend you consult with an EMH expert.