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Some Reasons to Consider Crane Kits

Crane kits are complete crane component packaged for you to design, manufacture, and install your own crane. EMH offers The System 2000 Kit which includes all top quality crane components. But why use a crane kit? here are a few great reasons.

Ease of Operation
Crane kits can provide an opportunity to put the crane in areas where you can accomplish close approaches.

EMH crane kits are specifically designed to be both easy to construct and extremely safe.

Low Maintenance
Not all crane kits are created equally, EMH crane kits prove to not only be easy to assemble, but the lowest maintenance crane kits available.

Long Lasting
By providing crane kits with the highest quality components, EMH crane kits are sure to serve your needs for years to come.

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of crane kits – they save significant shipping costs. A girder is typically not included in the kit,as providing your own girder cuts the cost dramatically.

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