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Overhead Cranes and Safety

Overhead crane safety is more complicated than don’t lift a load over someone’s head… but still, don’t do that with your overhead crane.

EMH or any of overhead crane provider should provide you with the resources to train your overhead crane operators – so take advantage of that.  Every person on your floor should have at the very least basic overhead crane training. 

Overhead crane operators should always know the crane’s capacity and how much each lift attempt is. Training will help everyone on the floor understand what is safe and what is not.

Safety starts when the overhead is installed.  We help you determine not just what your overhead crane will be lifting and moving, but also how often your overhead crane will be used and how it should be maintained and supported. 

Another safety imperative is to purchase an overhead crane that will be able to safely lift loads for when you grow.

EMH is happy to sit down and discuss how to pick the overhead crane that meets your needs… safely.

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