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Engineered HoistsEH Model H Engineered Hoist

The EH Model H Trolley was designed for heavy service Class D applications such as Steel Service Centers, Heavy Steel Fabricators, and Precast Concrete Facilities.

Among the features of the EH Model H Engineered Hoist are:

  • Capacities to 300 tons
  • Double-reeving (4/2, 8/2 and 12/2) for True Vertical Lift
  • Half-depth drum grooves eliminate the need for rope guides
  • DC disc brakes
  • Easy access to upper sheaves for maintenance
  • Class F motor insulation
  • Rotating axle trolley end trucks
  • Three-position geared limit switch (lower and upper operational, upper security) with addition of upper weight operated limit.
  • Standard Closed Loop Flux Vector VFD hoist control
  • Standard VFD trolley control
  • 40,000 hrs of B-10 life (Hoist Gearbox/Motor)
  • Rugged, durable, motors and gearboxes with the added benefit of utilizing standard components such as drums, brakes, sheaves, wheels.
  • High quality, efficient, quiet AGMA Class 11 gearing
  • Standard equalizer pin on trolley end trucks to prevent 3-wheeling