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Estimated Delivery Times

All delivery estimates are based upon complete order information and approvals as required. Please consult EMH for special applications or for improved deliveries.

Wire Rope Hoists
Stock “E” Trolleys 3-4 weeks
Non-Stock Monorail Hoists 10-12 weeks
Non-Stock Double Girder Hoists 12-14 weeks
 – (Add 2-3 weeks for VFD Hoist)
Standard Engineered Hoists 16-18 weeks
Special Engineered Hoists Consult Factory
End Trucks (EMH Style with VFD)
Single Girder 3-4 weeks
Double Girder 10-12 weeks
Wheel Blocks
Models 130, 160 and 200 10-12 weeks
System 2000 Crane Kits
Single Girder, Stock Components 5-6 weeks
All Double Girder Kits 12-14 weeks
NOMAD® Freestanding Bridge Cranes
All NOMAD® Systems 8-10 weeks
Complete Cranes
Single Girder, Stock Components 8-10 weeks
Double Girder, Structural Girders 12-14 weeks
Double Girder, Box Girders 16-18 weeks
Single Girder, Box Girder 12-14 weeks
EH Engineered Hoists & Cranes
Standard Consult factory
AL SYSTEMS™ Enclosed Rail Systems
Stock Parts, no Track Cutting 5-6 days
Standard Systems 3-4 weeks
Free Standing Systems 5-6 weeks
Motorized Systems 10-12 weeks
End Effector Applications Consult factory

Stock Components Available for Fast Delivery (All items are 460/3/60)

Wire Rope Hoists
Monorail Hoists – 3 Ton Capacity
EM0832 L6-162.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM0832 L6-162.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 5 Ton Capacity
EM1050 L6-161.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM1050 L6-161.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 7.5 Ton Capacity
EM2063 L6-181.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM2063 L6-181.41.100E 33 ft. lift*
Monorail Hoists – 10 Ton Capacity
EM3100 L6-162.41.060E 20 ft. lift*
EM3100 L6-162.41.100E 33 ft. lift*

* Also available for 208/3/60 and 230/3/60. All delivery times are predicated on a complete order package including down payment (if applicable), approval drawing and formal purchase order.