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Cranes 101: Types of Crane Hoists

We are starting a new series today examining different elements of cranes with crane hoists.  There is not a lot of information about cranes and what you should be considering online – so EMH is starting a series doing just that.

Overhead crane hoists are defined in the ANSI/ASME standards as “a machinery unit that is used for vertical lifting service involving material handling of freely suspended (unguided) loads.”

Overhead hoists are available in various types of configurations and constructions that we will cover in the coming weeks, but three three areas that further define the hoist type are:

  • Lifting Medium describes the component used to transmit and cause vertical motion of the crane hoist load hook or crane hoist load block. These include wire rope or chain..
  • Operation types for lifting include include manual power, electric power or pneumatic (air) power.
  • Suspension describes how the crane hoist is mounted or suspended. Common crane hoist suspension types include hook mounted, lug mounted and trolley mounted.

Stay tuned for future posts covering each element in depth.

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