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A Perfect Match: EMH’s End Truck and Girder Connection

Within the very specific world of end trucks for overhead cranes, EMH’s solutions are heavily relied upon by companies across the globe.  EMH employs an  end truck and girder to ensure that the overhead crane operates smoothly. The EMH end truck and girder solution provides precise alignment for your facility’s overhead crane. Using the EMH end truck and connection will bring you a smooth-running, reliably operating overhead crane versus trying to operate without, creating inefficiencies, costs, and rough overhead crane operations. Additionally, not all end trucks for cranes are created equal.  Many manufacturers will use loosely torqued bolts to mount a girder on top of a crane end truck.  The flaw with this design is that – while it works okay at first – it requires frequent adjustment as the bolts holding the end truck to the girder loosen resulting in horizontal misalignment. Which is why EMH’s end truck and girder connection attaches the end of the girder to a side mounting plate on the end truck. Our high quality mounting bolts are torqued to 410 ft-lbs., providing a connection that gives excellent stability in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The EMH end truck and girder connection reduces misalignment over time and allows the crane to move more smoothly without binding or jerking.  This system also simplifies the installation process, minimizing potential errors that might lead to future issues. This end truck and girder connection helps produce a straight, square and level crane that will provide years of reliable service. While the connection is unique in that it is a friction type, meaning the high torque on the bolts produces enough friction force between end truck and girder mounting plates to develop the necessary holding force. The bolts never experience any loading, except for the initial preload force put on them during assembly.