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Jib Crane Considerations

EMH offers a variety of jib cranes for your needs – but how do you know what you need?  There are many factors to consider when selecting the jib crane that is right for your facility. These include: Jib Crane Span The length of the crane’s boom from the midpoint of the mast or wall bracket to the end of the boom. This length (the crane span) should be the total distance out from the mast that materials will be lifted from and allow for trolley and hoist mechanism width. Jib Crane Working Span How much space do you need?  Calculate what you need as about half the trolley length from the end of the beam (or distance from the vertical support member to the end of the beam). Jib Crane Rotation Depending on the crane you select, you will need differing space for rotation. Free standing and mast jib cranes will need space for 360 degrees of rotation a wall mounted will give you about 200 degrees of crane rotation. Jib Crane Strength/Capacity Not to be obvious – but your jib crane needs to have a capacity that exceeds what you will need to lift. Jib Crane Height As long as we are being obvious, make sure the underboom height – the height from the ground to the crane – is high enough to lift the materials you will be handling. Also make sure that said height of your jib crane has room above so it is not in danger of hitting your roof or beams. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when selecting a job crane – EMH would be happy to help you select the one that is right for you.